Electronics fire
Firefighting Operations, Extinguishing System, Single

An electronics fire has broken out in a closed room. A CO² extinguisher must be used to extinguish it. If used too intensively, the CO² concentration inside is too high and a warning appears. ! NOTE ! The training works as usual with VR controllers, but should be used with a real CO² extinguisher if possible, because the movement is difficult to reproduce with controllers. For this, a specially prepared empty CO² extinguisher (with Arduino), a Vive setup, two trackers and the corresponding adapter mounts are needed. The latter can be requested by mail. For users with a current subscription, the first set of holders is free. The holders are available for the following CO² extinguisher: -Gloria fire extinguisher KS 5 SE (5kg carbon dioxide 89 B) Other variants will follow on request!

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