About Northdocks

Northdocks was born 2009 in Kiel. It consists of a team of specialists from a range of disciplines with the goal to visualize data and objectes in fully immersive rooms. They collect, structure and visualize huge amounts of data such as terabytes of photos to re-build monuments with bits and bytes to create a digital twin. At the same time, they are able to transform complex work sequences and the handling of advanced equipment into fully immersive VR environments. Enabling firefighters, rescue teams or companies out of demanding industries, such as chemical or pharmaceutical, to practice the routine in a safe environment to act with routine in an emergency. Each trainings gets adapted to individual needs. References of successful implementations or trainings in development could be found with Currenta and Merck in the area of the professional training of chemical technicans or with the factory firefighter from Henkel, Currenta, Evonik, PCK and Infraserv.

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