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Firefighter VR solves the financial and logistical challenges which fire departments are facing in the field of training and education. With our solution, we offer immense time and cost savings compared to conventional trainings.

Our training platform gives fire brigades access to a large number of virtual special training courses from a wide variety of areas. Users can go through these as often as they want without additional costs. All training courses available on the platform can be used at any time and without time restrictions. This avoids the costs of conventional training AND of developing your own VR training. Our main packages are as follows:

We offer a unique addition to conventional training. This improves training and further education for firefighters and enables trainings on a regular basis.

Our main packages are as follows:

  • Package 1
    1.950,00 €


    • Plant fire brigades from 26 people

    • Professional fire departments

  • Package 2
    199,00 €


    • Plant fire brigades for up to 25 people

    • Voluntary fire brigades

  • The following applies to both packages:
    • Several sites can be defined for each fire brigade, which can be managed independently.
    • One administrator is appointed for each site. This makes it easy to add and manage new employees.
    • Users can use all current and future training applications without a time limit as long as they have a valid subscription.
    • The minimum term of the subscription is one year. The subscription is automatically renewed for an additional 12 months if it is not canceled up to 3 months before the end of the term.
    • You will need a VR headset and a correspondingly powerful PC or notebook to use the training applications. The customers organize the hardware procurement themselves, but we are happy to advise if required.
    • You can find more information in our

    Please contact us for individual solutions and if you want to use the trainings as part of commercial training courses.

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