Initial statements in response to the Firefighter VR Training Platform

“Benefits for all of us - Provisioning a "cooperative" VR-Platform that allows for individual usage and contribution has to receive a warm welcome. … Content for training has to be available openly with free choice for users as a paid service.”
Siegfried Fiedler
Emergency Response / Planning, Academy, Projects, BASF Werkfeuerwehr
“... all our great ideas need to pass the ROI test “cost - invest - budget”. I want us to repeat our joint success story "job outline for the factory firefighter (Berufsbild Werkfeuerwehr)"". Let us do it again and convince the majority on the benefits of the Firefighter VR Platform and get people registered.”
Peter Fischer
Corpoerate Security and Fire Safety, BMW AG
“New ways of learning … Key challenges will be a harmonization of all the established solutions with the hetrogeneous expectations, pre-conditions and the different starting points. It is the only way to make it work, ….at the same time, focused on the target audiences, being educational with value added content and profitable at the same time.”
Johannes Rothfuß
Factory Firefighter & Fire Safety Planning, Mercedes Benz AG
“The new platform for training from teh WFVD offers us, a PSA OEM, the perfect opportunity to support our customers from the fire brigades with new ways of training through innovative technology. …. we are convinced that numerous ideas will be benefiting from the new platform of the WVFD. We are convinced about the platfrom … Both OEMs and Customers will be wining.”
Werner Heitmann
Marketing Feuerwehr & Behörden, Dräger Safety AG

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