Gas tank fire training
Firefighting Operations, Preventive Fire Protection, Single

A fire has broken out next to a propane tank and must be extinguished. The tank must then be cooled to prevent it from exploding. However, the pilot flame must not be extinguished, otherwise the gas will no longer burn off in a controlled manner, but will collect and ignite. Consequence: an explosion ! NOTICE ! The training works with VR controllers, but can also be used with a real fire nozzle. For this purpose, a fire nozzle, a Vive setup, two trackers and the corresponding adapter holders are required. The latter can be requested by mail. For users with a current subscription, the first set of holders is free of charge. The holders are available for the following fire nozzles: - Rosenbauer RTE FX 400 EN - AWG Turbo-Spritze 235 Further variants will follow on request!

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